The demilitarization business within Nammo has more than 40 years of experience with operational demilitarization facilities at Nammo Buck GmbH in Pinnow, Germany, Nammo Sweden AB in Vingåker, Sweden and Nammo NAD AS at Løkken Verk, Norway.

In addition to operational sites, our international project headquarters are based in Sweden, Nammo Demil AB, and within the project management companies Nammo Demil LLC are based in the USA.


Nammo specialises in handling excess, outdated and obsolete conventional ammunition and ensures the highest standards of safety and environmental consideration within our processes

We are proud to confirm that not only do these processes comply with the European Union laws and regulations, they often exceed them.

The team of experts within Nammo are supplemented by long term partnerships with key suppliers such as waste management companies and international logistics providers which means that we can offer customers a full project solution tailored to specific needs.

Where cost effective our services may also include turnkey demilitarization plant/process/equipment projects including consultancy, design, construction, planning, delivery, supervision, start-up and on-site project management as well as operator training and through life operational support.


Disposing of stockpiled obsolete or surplus ammunition in a responsible manner is a principle that is shared by many countries. Nammo is able to rapidly, safely and cost effectively dispose of such products while minimising damage to the environment.

Our teams have a culture of continuous project and process improvements, always seeking innovative solutions to the complex challenges of today’s demilitarization market. We achieve this through investment in research and development, ensuring we’re constantly at the forefront of demilitarization capabilities and technological advances.

Our demilitarization abilities span from small caliber conventional munitions, right through to highly complex cluster ammunition, aircraft bombs and missile systems and where needed we will undertake a complete stores clearing program.

Our logistic experts are on hand to offer the best solutions for transportation by land or sea and will assist with licensing and permit where required.


The market demand for the demilitarization of obsolete or outdated munitions within defence communities has steadily increased over the last 20 years. It has been supported by recent global legislation such as the Oslo Convention, which prohibits the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions, and the similar Ottawa Convention that focused on anti-personnel mines. Under these conventions, governments have agreed to destroy existing stockpiles of the weaponry within pre-agreed timeframes and Nammo has assisted greatly to the success of these initiatives.

Our philosophy in processing the ammunition is to remove the explosive content and then, where possible, recycle materials including the energetics and use them for other purposes in the civilian market. This is known as the R3 Philosophy and stands for Resources Recovery and Recycling.

Nammo Sweden AB

SE-643 92 Vingåker
+46 151 19500

Nammo Buck GmbH

Bugker Chaussee 8
DE-15859 Storkow
+49 33678 - 4130-0

Nammo NAD AS

Moshaugan 6
NO-7332 Løkken Verk
+47 72 49 70 80

Nammo Demil AB

SE-643 92 Vingåker
+46 151 19500



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