Medium Caliber Ammunition

Our extensive product range includes combat and training ammunition for army, navy and air force applications. We are especially proud of Nammo's programmable technology, allowing for extremely versatile capabilities in demanding and unpredictable scenarios. Other examples include armor piercing and multipurpose technology.

Nammo's 25mm series is a versatile and hard-hitting collection of ammunition mostly used in Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV's) or for aircraft. Most of the 25mm rounds are High Explosive (HE) or Multipurpose (MP) variants.
Nammo's 30mm series has proven its worth - over time and in many countries' armed forces. The 30mm size is maybe particularly well suited to IFV's (infantry fighting vehicles), but has a wide range of application.
Nammo's 35mm series of ammunition is made for the Bushmaster III and Oerlikon anti aircraft guns. Nammo offers High Explosive (HEI), Armor Piercing High Explosive (SAPHEI) and training variants.
Nammo's 40mm products cover both grenades meant to be launched from AGL systems, as well as 40mm L/60 and 40mm L/70 ammunition for the Bofors Gun system.
Nammo makes two 57mm L70 rounds for the Bofors Gun System, and is the true original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for this naval gun.