Every year the Nammo Group and its local businesses support a range of activities in their local communities. Nammo supports local sports clubs, cultural events, humanitarian aid as well as health actions for employees. In addition, employees donate money to other local initiatives.

Our social responsibility is reflected by our contribution to the economic development and social wellbeing of the local communities in which we work and where we live.

How we successfully integrate these into action in our community involvement is by working with local stakeholders like recreational sports teams, school groups and local charitable organizations.

At a local level, we particularly seek to support local activities that benefit children and youth.

At a group level, we support two Norwegian national teams: women’s biathlon team and the women’s ski jumping team. The sponsorship for the ski jumping team includes a technology program, Nammo Aerotech. In the Nammo Aerotech technology program Nammo has contributed to improvements in ski jumping technique and performance through increased technological expertise and support in aerodynamics. We also support two annual awards for young defense journalists.

How to apply for sponsorship or a charitable donation

Each of Nammo’s local entities operates its own sponsorship committee, which considers any incoming applications in accordance with our criteria. To submit an application, please email your closest Nammo location. Alternatively, inquiries can be sent to info@nammo.com.