Nammo releases the 7th edition of their Ammunition Handbook

Nammo has released its latest product catalogue, featuring the 7th edition of the Ammunition Handbook. This edition represents a substantial update from the 2021 version, offering a comprehensive range of defense products across 186 pages. The catalogue showcases numerous defense items, complete with images, descriptions, and relevant statistics.

To easily access the new Ammunition Handbook, please click here or the adjacent image.

This revised Ammunition Handbook not only incorporates updates but also expands on the previous release. Notable enhancements include improvements to various products and the introduction of new versions, all of which are comprehensively covered.

Encompassing a wide spectrum, the Ammunition Handbook spans from 4.6 mm ammunition to larger caliber products like the 155 mm artillery ammunition. It encompasses diverse offerings such as the M72 shoulder-fired products and Nammo’s range extension products, the latter prominently featured in the propulsion section.

Nammo observes an increasing trend among its customers toward adopting a cradle-to-grave approach that addresses the entire lifecycle of a product. This involves rigorous testing, customization to meet customer needs, delivery, utilization, and eventual demilitarization. Nammo sets itself apart by offering a complete package that includes safety, recycling, and sustainability considerations, setting a distinct advantage for its customers. These facets are thoughtfully reflected in the new handbook.

Furthermore, Nammo highlights its array of services tailored for defense sector customers. The handbook now includes a dedicated section for vital demilitarization operations. Another notable feature is the Nammo Test Center, a prominent and versatile test facility in Europe.