Norway and Nammo enter artillery ammunition contract

Norwegian artillery contract signed

Nammo has signed a contract with the Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency (FMA) to supply 155mm artillery ammunition to enhance the capabilities of the Norway’s armed forces.

The contract is among the largest for Nammo’s Raufoss facility, and stems from orders announced by the Norwegian government earlier this year. Specifically, the agreement entails the procurement of a significant quantity of 155mm IM HE-ER shells, with a range of some 40 kilometers.

To facilitate production, Nammo has committed investment in new infrastructure, machinery, production hardware, and raw materials in Raufoss.

Vegard Sande, Executive Vice President of Large Caliber Systems at Nammo, said:  «This is an important contract for Nammo,  which will bring more activity at Raufoss ahead.  I am extremely proud of the hard work all our colleagues do at Raufoss, and in all of the 11 countries where Nammo has a presence. The war in Ukraine serves as a constant reminder of the challenging times we face, and underlines the importance of Nammo’s mission –  to provide armed forces with what they need and improve their capabilities.»

Update as of November 2023

Nammo has received contractual orders worth NOK1.9 billion of the Norwegian government’s total artillery order of NOK4.3 billion (incl. VAT). Contracts for the remaining amount will be signed with the resolution of supply chain issues.

Update, December 2023

Nammo Raufoss signed 4 contracts with Norwegian Defence Logistics (NDLO) on 8 December:

  • One contract for more NM28/M107 155mm HE ammunition, this is intended for donations to Ukraine.
  • Two contracts for deliveries of M72 ASM RC and EC.
  • The last is an amendment contract to the existing strategic framework agreement Nammo has, to include additional deliveries from several sites.