Nammo and Nexter to cooperate on 120mm ammunition

Today, Nammo and Nexter signed a letter of intent for the future cooperation on production of 120mm APFSDS ammunition.

Eurosatory trade show, Paris, June 16, 2022

Both defense companies will provide parts and components, as well as technological expertise. Final assembly will happen at the Nammo facilities at Raufoss.

The 120mm “SHARD” ammunition is meant for use in battle tanks. It has a tungsten penetrator and a discarding sabot, and will initially be offered to the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish markets.

“We are delighted that we can now offer a complete range of modern ammunition for main battle tanks. The cooperation with Nexter also enables a better security of supply. I believe this could be beneficial for both companies, as well as for the customers”, says Vegard Sande, head of the Nammo Large Caliber Systems business unit.