Germany to procure Nammo/Diehl 155mm ammunition

The German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) and a consortium comprising Diehl Defence and Nammo have signed a framework contract for the procurement of 155mm artillery ammunition on July 10.

The war in Ukraine has highlighted the importance of artillery and the availability of artillery ammunition as EU nations and NATO member states seek to increase industrial production capacity in order to support Ukraine and replenish depleted western stockpiles.

Diehl Defence and Nammo are both established and reliable defense companies, with the necessary know-how and capacities to supply the Bundeswehr with high-performance artillery ammunition for the long run.

The framework agreement, for up to 350,000 projectiles over six years, was negotiated and concluded in a collaborative and expeditious manner. The agreement also provides the basis for the firm intention to finish the first DiNA155mm lots by 2025, as well as procurement of course correction fuzes.

The DiNa155mm projectile was developed in Norway, and is a state of the art HE projectile. It has been procured by several countries and already is a proven success story.

The DiNa155mm is a range- and precision-engineered projectile that meets the artillery capability requirements of conventional tube artillery in the area of impact and, with its modularity, enables reliable and efficient area and point target engagement over 40 km.

Even in the standard configuration (with a hollow-base attachment), ranges of up to 32 km can be achieved. With the base bleed attachment, the range can be increased to over 40 km.

In addition, the DiNa155mm’s deep intrusion capability – i.e. the ability to accept fuzes with a long screw-in depth, including the ability to accept guidance modules with fuzing functions such as the 2DGMArt® – fulfills another core requirement of the artillery and underscores its future viability.

“The DiNa155mm provides the Bundeswehr with a modern, future-proof and European produced projectile that meets all of Germany’s capability requirements in terms of range, modularity and logistical security of supply. It also provides the possibility of adapting modern fuzes or course correction modules,” said Vegard Sande, Nammo’s EVP Large Caliber Systems.

About Nammo:

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