Small Caliber Ammunition

Our extensive product range includes combat and premium projectiles, cartridge technology and commercial brands ranging from 4.6 mm to 12,7 mm ammunition.

Nammo offers a wide choice of 5.56mm ammunition. Whether you are looking for specialty ammunition such as armor piercing, frangible or long range, or well known variants like the regular ball, tracer, non toxic or just training ammunition - we have you covered.
Nammo's .338 series (8.6mm) includes the legendary Lapua Magnum. Used by special forces and other military units, this series is known for its exceptional performance and accuracy. The .338 range includes armor piercing, incendiary, glass piercing and flat trajectory variants. The ammunition is combat proven and has seen service in several countries.
Nammo's 9mm ammunition is used by military, special forces and police units around the world. Both ball, frangible and lead free variants area available. The ammunition can be used in close quarters, training or combat settings. Nammo's 9mm Ball Non Toxic 7 HP is the world's only 9mm ammunition qualified by NATO.