Photo: Nammo

Major Artillery Ammunition Deal Announced

At a press conference, Norway's defense and finance ministers today announced a new 2.6 billion NOK deal. The Norwegian Armed forces will order artillery ammunition to improve army capabilities and enhance industrial capacity.

Norway’s ministers of defense and finance visited the corporate HQ at Raufoss today. They jointly announced a 2.6 billion NOK (about 260 million USD) deal where Norway buys artillery ammunition. The details are still subject to contract negotations and parliamentary process. If approved, it is set to be the largest ammunition deal in Nammo history.

Nammo 155mm IM HE-ER (left) and 155mm TP-ER lined up in front of a Hanwha K9 artillery piece. Photo: Alexander Kvale / Nammo

The contract covers the purchase of a significant but undisclosed number of 155mm IM HE-ER shells.

A deal of this magnitude will necessarily bring about significant investments. Raufoss will likely see new buildings being set up, machinery and production hardware being bought along with raw materials, as well as a number of new employees.

The war in Ukraine and a vastly expanded need for ammunition is an important part of the background picture. The Norwegian ammunition will improve army capabilities. It will also lead to significant investments in production capacity; something that is sorely needed also in a wider NATO context.

“I am very happy to that the Norwegian government has decided to buy ammunition for 2.6 billion NOK. This is a very important contract, and we will see a lot of extra activity here at Raufoss in the coming years as a consequence. I am proud of the work all our employees do in all of the 11 countries where we have a presence. The war in Ukraine is a dark and terrible background, but we do an important and necessary job: to get the armed forces what they need and improve their capabilities”, says Nammo CEO Morten Brandtzæg.

155mm Panzerhaubitze 2000 firing at the Ravlunda test field in Sweden. Photo: Nammo