Mesa, AZ
Nammo Talley has its headquarters in Mesa, Arizona in the US.

Nammo Talley specializes in the design, development and manufacturer of ammunition and energetic material solutions for defense and commercial applications.

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Nammo Talley has additional production facilities in Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Utah.  Nammo Talley provides a broad range of products and capabilities from shoulder launched weapons and ammunition for the defense market to propellants and time delay explosives for commercial use.

Founded in 1960 by Franz Talley, the company has a rich history in the aerospace and defense industry as a pioneer in developing aircrew escape systems, automobile airbag components, shoulder fired systems, and other key propellant loaded devices. That innovative tradition continues today, as Nammo Talley employees work together to build and design better, stronger and more reliable products for our customers.

Nammo Talley is an AS9100C certified company.

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Nammo Talley Inc

4051 N. Higley Road
P.O. Box 34299
Mesa, AZ 85277-4299
+1 480 898 2200