Our people are our most important resource. In Nammos directive for personnel policy we require equal opportunities and rights and to prevent discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, philosophy of life and/or age. This applies to recruitment, career development, equal pay for equal work and working conditions.

The Senior Vice President Human Resources is responsible for establishing procedures for human resources within the areas organizational and cultural development and performance management, recruitment, benefits, compensation and pensions, expatriates and foreign services, ethical standards, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, travel and personnel insurance.  The responsibility also cover the development of a Group strategy for HR and development and implementation of management programs in the Group.





The share of women among our employees remains stable at around 25 percent, though this figure was slightly reduced by our recent acquisitions. Encouraging female University graduates and women with other relevant backgrounds to join Nammo continues to be important, and we strive to motivate women to apply for management positions. We are working actively through training and recruitment programs to address this challenge.

The recruitment of personnel must be performed in accordance with the regulations of the national security authorities in the respective countries.

European Works Council (EWC)

The Nammo EWC has annual meetings and the number of participating members from each country as well as the agenda is regulated in a separate agreement. The corporate management is usually represented by the President and relevant management members. The EWC meeting is organized by the SVP Human Resources. The EWC meeting is an excellent arena for both the corporate management and the employee representatives to discuss important questions in a trustful and open atmosphere.


Nammo operates in the explosives industry and handles energetic materials. Conditions relating to health, environment, safety and security (HESS) must always have high priority for Nammo’s employees, and these conditions are a fixed item on the agenda of all management meetings. The Group’s policy is evaluated annually. All accidents or near-accidents involving employees are reported and preventive actions taken accordingly.

Seventeen HESS audits were conducted at the different sites in 2017. This is an annual procedure performed by the HESS Director in the Nammo Group. All sites individually set their own annual HESS targets and implement an improvement plan.

Newly acquired companies have been prioritized for regular audits to make sure that the HESS level conforms to Nammo’s high standards. Every year, one specific focus area is selected for the HESS audits. In 2017, this was risk analyses connected with operational activities. In general, Nammo maintains a very high HESS standard and, with a few exceptions, the findings from the audits were all minor.

Sick leave among Nammo’s employees averaged at 4.6 percent in 2017. This is an increase from 2016 and indicates a need for increased attention to the implementation of preventive actions. A higher variation of activities is also required, such as workplace improvements, as well as measures to secure a good and healthy working environment, protective equipment and physical training. This is now a focus area for management.

There were 36 lost time injuries (LTI) that resulted in employees being absent from work at Nammo in 2017. This included two LTIs involving explosives. This is not an acceptable result and needs more attention to achieve improvements. The majority of LTI accidents arecaused by slipping and falling, or small finger injuries with fewer than five days off work. The TRI rate in Nammo is 32, (TRI: total recordable incidents, which includes injury, loss of consciousness, illness, first aid, medical treatment and restriction of work).

Reporting of incidents, accidents and dangerous conditions increased in 2017 and exceeded the target for the year. There has been a positive increase in reporting of dangerous conditions, near misses and accidents in 2017. The Group will continue its preventive work in all areas and will maintain a high focus on safe working conditions for all employees.

We experience regular attempts to infect our computers with malicious software. The target of such attempts is either to enable adversaries to steal technical data or fraud, sabotage and extortion. Faced with such an increase in threats, we continuously strive to improve technical security, limit the attack surface and raise awareness levels among employees. This has been done by mandatory and continuous e-learning throughout the year for all employees having access to computers.

The winner of the team of the year award was Team Propellant Technology located at Mesa and Raufoss, from the Aerospace Propulsion business unit.

The team of the year award is presented to a team that has contributed positively and been a good example in building a strong, competitive culture, based on Nammo’s company values and spirit.

The jury’s comments:

"In 2016, the US DoD customer evaluated our products used in pilot emergency egress systems and found deviations severe enough to stop the entire process until the failure was fully identified and corrected. Current orders and Nammo’s reputation were at risk. To address this serious problem, the business unit decided to establish a joint Propellant Technology Team to identify the root cause of the failure.

After six months, 18 propellant mixes and verification of five years of archived product quality data, the cross-country and cross-location team could present the findings to the customer with excellent results.

The team showed real Nammo collaboration, demonstrated true care at both customer and colleague level, and showed incredible dedication to solving the problem. All to the customers satisfaction!  


The team represented by Eirik André Løkke from Nammo Raufoss and Andy Davis from Nammo Talley, together with Morten Brandtzæg.

Nammo uses an appraisal management system for performance appraisals implemented for white-collar employees. They account for almost 50 percent of the workforce. You need a personal work email and access to a computer to use the system. The system makes it easy to prepare for, implement and follow up employee appraisals.

The system is an important tool for stimulating employee performance, development and results by setting clear objectives and having close follow-up by both employee and manager. Blue-collar employees are also given the opportunity for an annual review together with their manager, but this is not registered in a collective system.

We motivate each of our employees with an appraisal review that ensures constructive feedback and clear communication. The issues discussed include work, environment and cooperation; a review of competency levels; assessing employee alignment with our values; evaluating achievements; and setting objectives and personal development goals.

Most employees in Europe have the right to and are included in collective bargain agreements. In the US they have the same rights, but these are not practiced. We coordinate our benefits program in the US and have introduced health care and a defined contribution pension program.

Tobias Alm, an apprenctice in CNC turning representing Nammo Raufoss participated in the WorldSkills competition  in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates in October 2017 after winning the gold medal in the Norwegian Championships in CNC turning in 2016. The WorldSkills Competition occurs every two years and is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event in the world that truly reflects global industry.  In the championship, he competed against contestants from 22 countries who were assigned a range of tasks over a period of three days. The Championships ended with a team assignment requiring cross-country collaboration. Tobias did a great job, but the competition was tough, and with 21 other nations competing, we unfortunately did not reach our target and ended with a 16th place. However, we can look back on an incredible journey with numerous impressions and unforgettable experiences. Once again, we came back feeling we had learned a lot that can help us prepare for the next competition. A huge thanks to our expert, Andreas from K-Tech Kongsberg, for his hard work and great collaboration.

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