Nammo’s number one social responsibility is reflected in the company’s core business: to develop and manufacture high-quality defense products that support and protect our national and allied armed forces. Corporate social responsibility is part of our everyday operations and is essential for our success as a company.

We embrace our values and let them drive our performance within corporate social responsibility. We promote sustainable development through business operations that strongly emphasize our environmental, ethical and social considerations. We are committed to ensuring full compliance with requirements for human and labor rights in all our entities and areas where we operate.

We promote sustainable development through business operations that strongly emphasize our ethical and social considerations by following the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Core option for sustainability reports and reporting to the UN Global Compact.

Our aim is to protect national and allied forces with high-quality defense products. Our company strategy enables best practices to be exchanged across borders and business units, including corporate social responsibility. Our ambition to embody our values drives our corporate social responsibility performance.

We are an active contributor to the development of the communities where we are located. We are engaged in various activities such as sports, science centers and cultural events that target children and young people. Close relationships with stakeholders such as NGOs, authorities and local voluntary organizations are important to us, as can be seen through our role as an active player in our local communities.

Sustainable reporting

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option.

We have carried out a materiality analysis to identify the most important sustainability aspects for Nammo and its stakeholders.

Our sustainability reporting reflects the results of this analysis and material aspects are displayed in our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard: Core option index 2017 table. The table shows where information about each of the reported GRI standards and specific disclosures is presented, and whether such information is fully or partly reported. For a complete description of the individual indicators, please go to the GRI website (www.globalreporting.org).

The scope for reporting comprises, in general, companies under control of Nammo AS. However, for some aspects, the information covers activities also outside this scope, e.g. information about supply chain management and community-related activities.

Human rights at Nammo

Nammo’s human rights responsibility starts from the environmentally friendly development phase of a product until final delivery to a national authority or ally. Every entity is responsible for ensuring the Group does not breach human rights in any of its business operations as well as being aware of its corporate social responsibility in the local community.

Our responsibility shall ensure compliance with national environmental, security and quality standards. We must secure proper communication of customer requirements to our supply chain and partners, and fully support the ten UN Global Compact Principles. The supply chain is regularly monitored by means of annual questionnaires. The most critical suppliers will be subject to real-time audits.

Significant investment agreements include due diligence processes that include human rights screening. Major supplier contracts include human rights principles.

Internal review at company entities is a continuous process performed to secure compliance with the ILO’s principles. Our employees shall have safe and secure working conditions. Our human resources policy shall ensure equal opportunities and rights and prevent discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, national origin, skin color, language, religion, philosophy of life and/or age. This applies in particular to recruitment, career development, equal pay for equal work and working conditions.

The local communities surrounding our production facilities shall feel safe in the knowledge that we operate our entities in a responsible manner. This entails acting in accordance with national environmental and security standards in addition to monitoring via internal and external controls.

Product responsibility

At Nammo, responsibility for a product starts at its innovation. Our products must comply with international laws and conventions. We focus strongly on the use of environmentally friendly materials in our production lines and processes.

All our products must be able to meet high national and/or military standards. The requirements include several aspects which together result in products with a high performance, safe use and top quality.

All export of military components and products requires an export license from the national authorities where we are located. Every production site in Nammo must follow the national laws and regulations of their particular country.