Ethics, Vision and Values
We build our ethical work on the solid platform given by our values. By ensuring that our employees and all others acting on behalf of Nammo, follow and live by our Ethical Code of Conduct, we secure a high ethical standard in all our operations.

Our Vision

Securing the future

  • We will protect our national and allied forces with high quality defense products
  • We will secure the future development of eco-friendly products, processes and services
  • We will secure further growth based on strong financial performance.
  • We will develop and secure a long-term sustainable business for our customers and employees
  • Our future development depends on a secure and safe working environment. We must emphasize  the importance of every single employee


Our Values

Our Values; Dedication, Precision and Care, are the fundamental principles guiding the way we do business, the way we interact in internal and external processes as well as the way we want to be recognized by our customers.


  • We are enthusiastic and creative, always searching for the best solutions


  • We are reliable and accurate in our technology, processes and business


  • We are inclusive and open-minded, always encouraging team spirit and cooperation



Ethical Code of Conduct
The Ethical Code of Conduct describes Nammo’s commitment and requirements in connection with issues of an ethical nature that relate to business practice and personal conduct.

Nammo Ethical Committee
Nammo has an Ethical Committee consisting of 3 representatives from the Nammo Group. They are elected for two years by the Management Group and reports to the CEO. Incidents can be reported to the Committee through:

UN Global Compact
Nammo supports the ten priciples of the UN Global Compact.
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Nammo support the European Defence Assosiation ASD through our membership in the Nordic Security and Defence Organisations FSI (Norway), SOFF (Sweden) and AFDA (Finland), who all supports ASD’s anti-corruption work through IFBEC (International Forum of Business Ethical Conduct).

Senior Vice President Human Resources is the professionally responsible person for Ethics within the Nammo Group.
Contact info: Bertil Pålsrud,

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"I expect all employees and anybody acting on behalf of Nammo to behave and comply with our Ethical Code of Conduct. I also emphasize that Nammo has zero tolerance for any form of corruption."

Morten Brandtzæg, President & CEO Nammo Group