Business units
Nammo operates through five business units, which are the operational management divisions of Nammo.

Small Caliber Division

Technology, services, propellants and products of small caliber ammunition, ranging from 4.6 to 9.3 mm, including combat and premium projectiles, cartridge technology and commercial brands.

  • Nammo Lapua (Lapua, Finland)
  • Nammo Lapua (Vantaa, Finland)
  • Nammo Vanäsverken (Karlsborg, Sweden)
  • Nammo Schönebeck (Schönebeck, Germany)
  • ND PressTec (Schwerte, Germany)
  • Nammo Tactical Ammunition (Mesa, USA)
  • Nammo Vihtavuori (Vihtavuori, Finland)


Medium & Large Caliber Divison

A broad range of medium and large caliber combat and training ammunition for army, navy and air force applications.

  • Nammo Raufoss (Raufoss, Norway)
  • Nammo Bakelittfabrikken (Aurskog, Norway)
  • Nammo LIAB (Lindesberg and Karlskoga, Sweden)
  • Nammo Lapua, (Vihtavuori, Finland)
  • Nammo MTH (Hérémence, Switzerland)
  • Nammo Palencia (Palencia, Spain)


Nammo Talley

Four product lines covering 66 mm and 83 mm shoulder-launched munition systems, composite solutions and energetic materials systems.

  • Nammo Talley (Mesa, Arizona, USA)
  • Nammo Talley (Columbus, Mississippi, USA)
  • Nammo Talley (Davidsville, Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Nammo Composite Solutions (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)


Missile Products Division

Development and production of advanced rocket motor segments in air-to-air, ground-to-air and space applications, including high-performance thrust vector control systems and advanced warheads.

  • Nammo Raufoss (Raufoss, Norway)


Demil Division

Disposal and demilitarization of conventional ammunition and explosive products.

  • Nammo Vingåkersverken (Vingåker, Sweden)
  • Nammo Buck (Pinnow, Germany)
  • Nammo NAD (Løkken Verk, Norway)