Business units
Nammo operates through five business units, which are the operational management of Nammo.

Commercial Ammunition

All ammunition and components for sport, hunting and competition shooting.

  • Nammo Lapua (Lapua, Finland)
  • Nammo Lapua (Vantaa, Finland)
  • Nammo Vihtavuori (Vihtavuori, Finland)
  • NorDis Nordic Distribution (Lapua, Finland)
  • Nammo Schönebeck (Schönebeck, Germany)
  • ND PressTec (Schwerte, Germany)
  • Nammo Tactical Ammunition (Mesa, USA)
  • Capstone Precision Group (Sedalia, USA) 


Small and Medium Caliber Ammunition

Military small and medium caliber ammunition, hand grenades and related components, as well as all demilitarization processes, services and sea safety products.

  • Nammo Sweden (Karlsborg, Sweden)
  • Nammo Sweden (Lindesberg, Sweden)
  • Nammo Sweden (Karlskoga, Sweden)
  • Nammo Sweden (Vingåker, Sweden)
  • Nammo Raufoss (Raufoss and Aurskog, Norway)
  • Nammo Lapua (Lapua, Finland) 
  • Nammo Lapua (Vihtavuori, Finland)
  • Nammo Palencia (Palencia, Spain)
  • Nammo Tactical Ammunition (Mesa, USA)
  • Nammo NAD (Løkken Verk, Norway)


Large Caliber Systems

All naval ammunition and large caliber ammunition and components for artillery, tanks and mortars, as well as all shoulder fired systems (M72, BDM and SMAW).

  • Nammo Raufoss (Raufoss, Norway)
  • Nammo Sweden (Lindesberg, Sweden)
  • Nammo Sweden (Karlskoga, Sweden)
  • Nammo Lapua (Vihtavuori, Finland)
  • Nammo MTH (Hérémence, Switzerland)
  • Nammo Pocal (Scranton and Moscow, USA)
  • Nammo Defense Systems (Mesa, AZ, and Columbus, MS, USA)
  • Nammo Composite Solutions (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)


Aerospace Propulsion

Development and production of advanced rocket motor segments in air-to-air, ground-to-air and space applications, including high-performance thrust vector control systems and advanced warheads.

  • Nammo Raufoss (Raufoss, Norway)
  • Nammo Defense Systems (Mesa, AZ, USA)
  • Nammo Energetics Indian Head (Indian Head, USA)
  • Nammo Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Nammo Westcott (Westott, UK)
  • Nammo Cheltenham (Cheltenham, UK)