Multipurpose M282 Family of warheads
Nammo is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing 70mm (2.75") rocket warheads.

Nammo has produced more than 60 000 multipurpose 70 mm warheads that have been employed in multiple combat and contingency operations.

The Nammo M282 Family of Hydra Rocket Warheads fills a variety of roles. The 70mm warheads are combat proven and provide the capability to penetrate structures and vehicles to provide lethal effects through blast, fragmentation and incendiary effects.

The programmable version of the warhead (M282A1) gives operators control of fuze settings. Depending on the combat scenario, flight crews can quickly select from a menu of delayed initiations within the warhead including zero delay. Whether the target is a lightly armored vehicle or fortified structure, the warhead can be easily programmed to deliver the right level of penetration to maximize lethal effects and defeat the target.

Coupled with guided rocket systems, M282 Warheads provide an affordable alternative to guided missile systems.  Targets that typically have been engaged with more expensive and heavier missile systems can now be engaged with an alternative munition at a fraction of the cost and weight and will lower the risk for collateral damage.   

It is vital that munitions function only when needed and should not be so sensitive that they react violently by accident or by enemy action.  The Nammo M282 Family of Warheads is fully insensitive munitions (IM) compliant and fully qualified for ship-board operations.  

Concrete structure Armored vehicle destroyed vehicle


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