Reduced Range
Nammo Reduced Range (RR) ammunition is available in the calibers 5,56 mm, 7,62 mm and 12,7 mm.

The demands on training grounds become tougher and tougher. The three most common drivers are:

  1. Environmental Health & Safety 
  2. The need for more space 
  3. Urbanization near shooting ranges

Nammo’s answer to this growing problem is Reduced Range Ammunition. RR has full combat performance and matched trajectory with regular Ball ammunition, but a much lower safety fan.

With Reduced Range Ammunition it’s possible to: 

  • Practice realistic combat scenarios and battle technique from moving platforms 
  • Train several units at nearby ranges simultaneously 
  • Use ranges close to barracks, for easy troop transports, saving time and money
  • Use live ammunition in politically sensitive populated areas
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