Nammo Energy Solution

Nammo Talley is a customer-focused multi-component supplier of energetic solutions. Our expanded technologies provide cost effective oilfield production tools for the oil and gas industry. Products range from modern perforation tools to time delayed sequencing explosives that operate in extremely high temperature and high pressure environments.

We constantly develop and utilize emerging technologies to introduce new products to support our Customers. Nammo Talley is dedicated to advancing the state of energetic components, emerging technologies and systems. Our streamlined development process designs and develops well-engineered solutions that keep Customer manufacturing cost low.

Nammo Talley also produces a wide assortment of explosives and propellants for various commercial and military applications.

Solutions include:

Hi Temperature Time Delays

  • Oil well perforation and completion
  • 450◦F capable
  • 6 & 10 minute delays available


Hi Pressure Detonators

  • Transfers standard HMX, RDX & HNS Boosters
  • 450◦F/ > 200 hours capable
  • Initiates ignition to shape charge