IR/Dim trace
Totally invisible to the naked eye!

To a large extent, today’s combat units are using Night Vision Devices [NVD’s] to enable stealthy night combat operations. This requires adapting traditional visible tracer ammunition to new operational scenarios. Nammo has met that requirement with the development of the latest IR/Dim Trace technology. This tracer is totally invisible to the naked eye which solves several operational combat obstacles, giving the user clear advantages in stealth combat scenarios.

  • Not visible to enemies without NVD’s
  • No tracking of own firing position
  • No disturbance in friendly forces NVD’s
  • Maintain target location and observation after opening of fire
  • No backwards illumination by your own tracers
  • Reduced muzzle flash
  • Minimal exposure of own units reducing the possibility for enemy to judge your numbers or see the size of attacking force
  • Optimal aiming aid in night combat at short distances