Advanced technologies at Nammo Talley
Nammo Talley has been a pioneer in pyrotechnic technology for decades.

Our research department continually develops and qualifies new pyrotechnics for military and commercial ballistic devices. In addition to a long list of common propellants, Nammo Talley develops custom formulations for customers in a variety of industries from aerospace and defense to the oil and gas industry. Technologies include:

  • Advanced high temperature time delays
  • New warhead designs & explosive fills
  • Confined spaces technology / Fire-From-Enclosure
  • Airburst warheads and fuzing


The Nammo Talley development team has produced advanced non-azide automotive inflators, low-cost military initiators, non-halon fire-suppression devices, and specialty devices for numerous safety systems. In addition, Lapua Magnum .338 High Precision, Long Range ammunition and other specialty ammunition from 5.56 mm to .50cal is produced onsite in Mesa.

Head restraint