The M72 from Nammo is disposal, easy to operate, lightweight and powerful.

On the battle field since the Vietnam War, the M72 lightweight assault weapon (LAW) is combat proven. The M72 LAW is a single use, shoulder-launched weapon that is easy to use and highly portable. The lightweight allows soldiers to carry multiple M72’s at one time. Nammo has several variants of the system; providing soldiers with the capability to destroy structures and vehicles or penetrate light armor.


Our specially designed rocket trainer realistically simulates tactical round firing effects. This means, soldiers can train at a low cost while they achieve and maintain superior gunner skills.

Since its introduction to the battlefield, the M72 has transformed into an even better and more efficient fighting machine.  A new M72 production unit is in development and will soon truly satisfy the fire-from-enclosure (FFE) need. Firing noise will be dramatically reduced; smoke and flash are completely eliminated – with no loss in muzzle velocity.


The ammunition handbook contains more details about the available variants and the training system.