Exocet is a family of advanced anti-ship missiles with thousands of units in operational service around the world.

The French company MBDA is Prime Contractor for Exocet, and Nammo is responsible for the MM40 BLOCK 3 Auxiliary Boost Rocket Motor.

The MM40 BLOCK 3, which is currently in full-scale development, represents a significant technology- and performance upgrade for ship-borne versions of Exocet. The Booster, which also includes a Thrust Vector Control module, shall quickly accelerate the missile from the launch platform up to high sub-sonic cruise speed.

Nammo has applied innovative and advanced technical solutions to achieve the required performance, and a French partner (MBDA-Bourges) is selected for vital sub-assemblies in the Thrust Vector Control System as well as for structural parts in the Rocket Motor.

Nammo was awarded a contract by MBDA-France for development & industrialization of the Auxiliary Boost Rocket Motor after tough international competition.

Exocet MM40 Block 3.jpg