Rocket Motors & Catapults
The rocket motor and catapult product line at Nammo Talley consists of various types and sizes of specialized solid propellant rocket motors and catapults.

Our components include advanced safety devices that play a key role in life-saving applications such as aircraft ejection seats.

A pilot ejecting from a moving aircraft traveling at extremely high speeds can be dangerous. All components must work together in a spilt second every time to save the pilot’s life. This requirement results in exceptional quality and reliability of our products.

These mechanisms provide high-impulse propulsion or directional maneuvering control within aircrew egress systems and devices, functioning within specified parameters to save human life without injury.

Applications include:

  • Aircraft canopy or hatch removers for emergency crew evacuation
  • Rocket motors and rocket catapults for ejection seats
  • Spin-up and de-spin motors, yaw and retro-thrusters for projectile and air vehicle flight control

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