The Bloodhound SSC Project
Nammo take part in the Bloodhound SSC project by supplying the hybrid rocket motor for the Bloodhound Supersonic Car!

In December 2013 Nammo announced the partnership with the BLOODHOUND SSC Project.

The BLOODHOUND SSC Project is Britain’s latest attempt on the World Land Speed Record with a car capable of 1,000mph. Nammos role will be to supply its hybrid rocket technology for use in the BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car which is now being constructed in Bristol, UK.

BLOODHOUND’S Chief Engineer Mark Chapman said, “Nammo is a great addition to our team. Their technology is outstanding, as are their test facilities. Most important, though, is their enthusiasm for being part of this unconventional, high profile, engineering adventure.  They share our passion for inspiring the next generation of engineers and innovators.”

The mission of the BLOODHOUND Project is to inspire future generations to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics by showcasing these subjects in the most exciting way possible in schools, colleges and universities.

One of Nammos main strategies within its sponsorships guidelines is to focus on technology and education within science and engineering. The BLOODHOUND engineering adventure is just a perfect project that matches this strategy.

Bloodhound car small.jpg