Sidewinder is a robust air-to-air missile with a conventional infrared-homing seeker.

The Sidewinder family of missiles has been in operational service with many air forces worldwide since the 1950’s, and even older versions are still commonly used by several nations today.

The German company Diehl BGT Defence is European Prime Contractor for Sidewinder, and Nammo is the European Rocket Motor manufacturer.

Nammo started its Sidewinder Rocket Motor production already in the 1960’s with the AIM-9B version and substantial quantities were manufactured up to the late 1970’s. A new and modern composite propellant Rocket Motor plant was then established for mass production of the AIM-9L version, and this production line is still fully operational with high capacity.

Several upgrades and improvements of the various Sidewinder versions have been offered to increase operational capabilities as well as service life. A propellant reload program is currently ongoing for expired AIM-9L Rocket Motors.