Nammo has more than 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing propulsion systems. Today we are one of only a handful of companies within the NATO-alliance capable of developing and delivering rocket motors for tactical missiles, and have taken a leading role in both range extension for artillery systems and in the development of future ramjet-powered artillery and missile systems.

Rocket motors produced at Raufoss in Norway

The Aerospace Propulsion business unit at Nammo Raufoss has developed and produced advanced rocket motors, primarily for the NATO market since the early 1960's. Nammo’s world-leading rocket technology is revolutionary; from development and design to testing and production. Our main niche within tactical propulsion technologies is rocket motors for air-to-air missiles and air defense, boosters for naval missiles, as well as boosters and hybrid rocket motors for space applications. Some of these rocket motors also have a lightweight and high performance Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system based on Nammo’s in-house technology. 

The Aerospace Propulsion Business Unit is responsible for the rocket motor design and production in the following programs:

  • AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile)
  • ESSM (Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile) – Raytheon
  • IRIS-T (Air to Air Missile with TVC) – Diehl BGT Defence
  • IRIS-T SL (Surface Lauch IRIS-T with TVC) – Diehl BGT Defence
  • EXOCET MM40 B3 Booster (Anti-Ship Missile with TVC) - MBDA
  • Sidewinder AIM-9L (Air to Air Missile) – Diehl BGT Defence
  • Penguin MK2 Boost & Sustain Motor Anti Ship Missiles) - Kongsberg
  • NSM Booster (Naval Strike Missile) - Kongsberg
  • IDAS (Interactive Defence & Attack for Submarines) – Diehl BGT Defence
  • ARIANE 5 (Separation & Acceleration Boosters) – Airbus DS
  • Hybrid Rocket Motors & Monopropellant Thrusters for Space - ESA


Rocket Motors produced at Nammo Talley in the US

The rocket motor and catapult product line at Nammo Talley consists of various types and sizes of specialized solid propellant rocket motors and catapults.