Hand grenades
Nammo offers many different types of hand grenades and fuze mechanisms for different purposes.

Hand grenades

Fragmentation Hand Grenades

Fragmentation Hand Grenades are meant for defensive use and give an extensive burst of fragments with a 360˚ distribution. The steel bodies are pre-fragmented to give optimum performance in weight, shape and equal size of the fragments. Fragmentation Hand Grenade HGF60-3,5 with a compact size and weight is designed to be used in urban surroundings.

Offensive Hand Grenade

Offensive Hand Grenade gives an extensive shock effect with a very limited number of fragments. These are specifically designed for use in closed rooms, such as bunkers, buildings or semi-closed areas like trenches. Modular offensive hand grenade gives scalable shock effect and variety of use by attaching 1 – 3 body modules together depending on the customer requirements. Each module can have its own fuze, and grenades can be used either separately or by attaching two to three modules together.

Training Hand Grenade

Training Hand Grenade gives a cost-effective and realistic option to train in the use of Hand Grenades. Training Hand Grenades are similar to live Hand Grenades in shape, weight, packaging and instruction for use. The Body can be reused several times and by replacing the fuze mechanism, it can be used again. Nammo training products are extremely safe to use inside small safety areas.

TTC Smoke Hand Grenade

TTC Smoke Hand Grenade TTC is a spontaneous, environmentally adapted and non-incendiary smoke hand grenade developed for Urban Operations and Law Enforcement Operations.
The concept is based on an explosive dissemination of a liquid, which in contact with the humidity in the air, will produce a smoke screen of minimum 10 m in diameter within maximum 3 seconds. The grenade does not produce flames and the chalk inside the smoke hand grenade reduce the negative effect of the hydrochloric acid that is produced as a by-product of the smoke-making process.