Commercial products cover 20 % of Nammos annual turnover. Customers range from international space agencies, oil and energy industry to distributors of commercial products.



Nammo provides Rimfire ammunition for sport shooting (.22 cal LR) under the Lapua and SK brands.

Centerfire ammunition covers sports and hunting ammunition, reloading components and tactical ammunition and are manufactured under the Lapua, Berger and Vihtavuori brands. 

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Propellant Powder

For over 90 years, Vihtavuori has been known for producing high quality propellants with reliable ballistic performance, long shelf-life and wide variety selection. All of our powders meet the strict requirements of both civilian and military needs.

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Composite parts


Composite Solutions

Nammo Composite Solutions in Salt Lake City, Utah is an engineering and composite manufacturing company with more than 20 years of operation.




Ariane Acceleration booster


Ariane 5 Space Rocket

Nammo takes part in the European Space program with rocket motors to the Ariane 5 space rocket.






 Shock tube


Initiation Systems

The product group Initiation Systems comprises a successful combination of system competence in blasting operation for both military and police market and its very rigorous standard and quality requirements.

 Sea Safety products


Sea Safety Products

Nammo secures safety at sea through the sea safety products from former Hansson Pyrotech. The distress signals are used throughout the world with technical skills and advanced technology. 

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