Medium caliber
The medium caliber ammunition provided by Nammo covers a broad range of combat- and training ammunition for Army, Navy and Air Force applications.

The medium caliber ammunition is available in the following types:

  • 12,7 mm - Ball, Tracer, AP, API-T, SG, IR, MP, RR, Plastic Blank, PSRTA
  • 20mm - MP, MP LD, MPT SD, TP, TP-T, TP RRR, Plastic Blank, PSRTA 
  • 25mm - MP, MP-T, MPT SD, HEI-T, SAPHEI, TP-T, Plastic Blank, PSRTA 
  • 27mm - MP, TP RRR
  • 30mm - MP-T SD, TP-T, APFSDS-T, TPDS-T, Plastic Blank, PSRTA
  • 35mm – HEI, SAPHEI, TP-T
  • 40mm  - L/60 HE-T, L/60 TP-T, L/70 HE-T, L/70 TP-T 
  • 40mm AGL - MK285, RF, MK315 - HEDP, MK314 - HEDP, HEDP/SD, HE, TP-T
  • 57mm - HE, TP 

Nammo Ammunition Handbook

A complete overview of Nammo’s military ammunition can be found in the Nammo Ammunition Handbook.