Scranton, PA
Nammo Pocal Inc was acquired by the Nammo Group in June 2013, and has production sites in Moscow and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The company has been designing and manufacturing high quality, mortar training ammunition since 1981. As a producer of non-lethal, practice ammunition, they have the technical expertise to produce all types of precise metal parts.

Pocal is available to both the DoD and private industry for subcontracting production requirements. We offer our extensive experience in CNC Turning, Assembly, and Factory Automation. Pocal manufactures, tests, and inspects using the U.S. Governments stringent quality standards.

Pocal is fully dedicated to support all its customers programs. We operate under a Total Quality Management philosophy, satisfying the customer and meeting or surpassing all technical and contractual requirements.

Nammo Pocal Inc

100 Electric Str.
Scranton, PA 18509
+1 570 961 1999