Development of 155 mm IM HE-ER completed
Published: 8 April 2015
In February 2013, Nammo started to develop a new family of conventional 155 mm artillery ammunition, specially designed for long range (40 km).
On Wednesday March 25th 2015, the 155 mm Insensitive Munition High Explosive Extended Range (IM HE-ER) was successfully test fired at 32 km range, in Älvdalen, Sweden, and this test concluded the development phase of the first new Nammo 155 mm round! 

The test was a demonstration for the Swedish Armed Forces, and the rounds were fired from the Swedish Archer Gun System. A total of 32 live rounds were fired, all functioned as intended with a low dispersion in the target – High Precision at Long Distance.

Nammo expects the development contract for the entire 155 mm family to be signed by the Norway Government by August, and the product qualification of IM HE-ER is planned to be completed by Q1 2016.

155mm IM HE ER fired from Archer 1.jpg