While primarily a technology and manufacturing company, Nammo also also offers a range of niche services, notably within demilitarization and testing.


Since the end of the Cold War, Nammo has supported in the disposal of hundreds of thousands of obsolete munitions, including mines and cluster bombs. Today we operate demilitarization facilities at Nammo Sweden AB in Vingåker, and Nammo NAD AS at Løkken Verk, Norway.

The Nammo Raufoss Test Center

The facilities at Raufoss in Norway continue to be our largest development, test and manufacturing hub. As an integral part of Nammo Raufoss, the Test Center supports both development and quality control efforts, and offers unique benefits to both our engineers and our product teams by offering a large and fully controlled test environment in close proximity to both our development and manufacturing facilities.

Several of the services at the center are also available to third parties, including both government and commercial customers. This includes one of Europe’s largest and most advanced environmental test facilities.


The "Messen" Guest House

Originally the officer’s mess from Raufoss’ days as a military facility, “Messen” today serves as Nammo’s company guest house, offering accommodation and restaurant services to both Nammo and other companies in the Raufoss industrial park.