Nammo MTH is located in Heremence in the southern part of Switzerland and are specialized in the production of medium caliber fuze.

MTH (Micro Technology Hérémence) was established in 2002 with the spesific aim to develop and produce innovative point detonating and air bursting fuzes for calibers 25 to 40mm and mortar fuzes. MTH is lead by a team of highly skilled fuze engineers with many years of design and production experience. MTH became a part of the Nammo Group in March 2008.

Current products are focused on the worldwide increasing requirement for 40mm low and high velocity ammunition.

Low velocity:
D652      PD base fuze with pyrotechnic self destruct
Jupiter    PD base fuze with spin decay self destruct
Tycho     PD nose fuze (M550 compatible) with spin decay self destruct

High velocity:
Venus    PD nose fuze with spin decay self destruct
Mercury Air bursting nose fuze, programmable with the M47 Striker gun

Nammo MTH SA

P.O. Box 68
Rue Principal 3
CH-1987 Heremence
+41 27 282 5050