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"Loose Rounds" by War Stories
The podcast that looks at some of the underexplored technologies that have had a big impact on the battlefield.

In Nammo, we are always trying to improve, with our internal slogan being "one millimeter better every day". Most of the time, this is also how technology improves – not in leaps and bounds, but in several small, incremental improvements that together brings about major change. Yet it is the few major leaps that get all the attention, while the small steps, despite their significance, usually go unnoticed and uncelebrated.

This is something that Nammo, together with the military history podcast War Stories, would like to do something about. For the next ten months, Nammo will be sponsoring one monthly bonus episode of War Stories presenting small technological changes and improvements that have had a major impact - both on the battlefield, and behind the scenes. Our goal is that this special series, known as “Loose Rounds”, will help highlight the importance of innovation at all levels, and demonstrate why an ever-present focus on improvements and new and better solutions really matters – because ultimately, it could help save lives.

You can listen to the episodes here, or search for "War Stories" wherever you get your podcasts.