Defense podcasts
Podcasts allow experts to dig deeper into some of the key stories behind the defense world. Here are two podcast series sponsored by Nammo that look into both military history and current affairs.

The Weekly Defence Podcast

Launched in January 2019, this is the first podcast to provide a weekly summary of the major stories and issue shaping the defense world. Hosted by editors and reporters from Shephard Media, and sponsored by Nammo, it is intended both for everyone trying to keep up with one of the world’s most complex industries.


The first episode, along with instructions on how to subscribe, can be found here.


Loose Rounds by War Stories.

Wheels, ship design, blood transfusions, field rations - all small, but nevertheless significant developments that have had a major impact on military history. In this special season produced in cooperation between Nammo and the podcast War Stories, showrunners Adin Dobkin and Angry Staff Officer look at some of these innovations and discuss their implications. You can find the whole series by searching for "War Stories"  on podcast services such as iTunes.

You can also play each episode here using the players below.