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The Demilitarization business in Nammo specialises in handling excess, outdated and obsolete conventional ammunition.


In the past, many nations have used “demil methods” such as dumping ammunition into deep water or have used open burning or detonation methods. These are not only inefficient, but are also increasingly prohibited due to long term environmental effects and changing environmental legislation. With Nammo Demil Division’s present industrial demilitarization capabilities, the cost saving recycling processes are given high priority and more than 90% of all incoming components and materials, including explosives and propellants, are recovered and recycled on the civilian market. The environmental processes utilised minimise all emissions into the air and water.
Nammo Demil Division has more than 40 years of experience operating at 3 independent companies with multiple technologies and all the necessary processes and equipments for safe disassembly, explosive removal and recycling (or disposal) of all conventional ammunitions, components and incoming materials.

Our extensive demilitarization expertise includes:
• Safe, environmentally friendly demil of products
• Packing/repackaging of ammunition in approved boxes/containers
• Preparation of shipping documents
• Preparation of waste/hazardous waste documents and approvals
• Preparation of import/export documents
• Complete logistics and security
• Full accountability throughout all processes
• Certification of Disposal by official quality authorities
• Recovery, recycling and reuse of energetics
• Recovery and recycling of metals
• Consulting and Supply of turnkey demilitarization plants, equipment and processes

Nammo Demil Division is Europe’s largest demilitarisation contractor operating world wide supporting government and industrial demilitarisation programs and have successfully processed all types of conventional ammunition from small calibre to large sea mines, torpedoes, aircraft bombs and rocket/missiles including cluster munitions for the armed forces and defence industry.



Demil Division

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